Say hello to Monsieur FLY!

Hey Hey Hey!

We're coming out with a brand NEW COMIC!!
A wild, wacky, wickedly delightful autobiography of a... FLY!


For 10 long years, Monsieur Fly was locked away in the cockpit of Fahad Faizal's brain. But two years ago, he made a daring escape to tell his story!

A hotly contested bidding war ensued, and we managed to win the
exclusive rights to Monsieur Fly's fascinating, horrifying, hilarious true accounts...

We are thrilled to bring to you this tale of a humble(?) housefly
who dared to go where no other fly had ever been before!

This is a tale of truly epic proportions!!
(for a fly)

for an exclusive preorder-only
sketched + signed copies & goodies,
direct from Monsieur Fly.